Photographer's Lab "concept"

Art is for everyone

It is almost impossible to pay for expensive individual photographic works of 5 - 10 pieces. It is usually

only museums, institutions or established collectors who have sufficient funds to buy them.

Alternatives are also sold in the form of mass-produced prints, but this quality of printed paper does not really provide any

kind of a personal ownership.


However, Photographer’s Lab has made it possible to buy genuine pieces of art at a reasonable price. Photographer’s Lab Gallery has created a new world of opportunities for everyone interested in photographic art.


Photographic art can be priceless.

Therefore, establishing a fair price that you can afford to pay is a real bonus for the artist and you. Together with each artist, we determine the individual value of an edition for sale at Photographer’s Lab, taking into account the significance of the piece and the popularity of the artist.


Limited edition photographic works of art with a relatively high print run enable us to offer photographic art at a very low price, and for open-ended editions, the price can be even lower.


Offering slightly higher print runs, makes it possible for everyone to enjoy photographic art, without the artist having to sacrifice either quality or craftsmanship. And this ensures a better price, which is mutually beneficial for both the buyer and the artist.


The artist’s handwritten signature on the back of an edition makes it an original and increases its market value. Our ‘Edition Certificate’ guarantees the authenticity of the artist’s signature and also contains the edition’s key details: format, date stamp, and edition number. This form of signature is in adherence with  the international standards used by all major auction houses.

Our editions are always first-class works

We produced in-house or by ColorGruppen on Lambda and Hahnemühle Fine Art Museums Archive photo paper, which is known for its remarkable definition, brilliance and quality. If we offer an edition produced using a different technique, the exact specifications will be indicated on the work’s details and on the certificate.


Open editions are not limited in number, meaning the amount in circulation can always be adjusted to meet the demand. Since these works aren’t signed by the artists, it is possible for us to offer them at very competitive prices. Our open editions are all high quality, true photographic prints provided with a certificate.


Limited Editions are by definition not produced in infinite quantities.

The higher the demand, the harder they are to come by. Finally, only a few are remaining, meaning this particular work of art then appreciates in value.


The medium of photography makes it possible to create any number of “originals”, a limited print run has incredible significance in the art market. Photographer’s Lab Gallery contractually stipulates just how limited an edition will be. This guarantees that neither Photographer’s Lab Gallery nor the artist will produce more of that edition in the future.

Photographer´s Lab Gallery

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